Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hydro Posts No.3

The Hydro team worked two days with long hours.They were finished and the landscaping truck had put soil on the ruts where traffic had run just a couple of feet on the grassy, soggy boulevard that I keep in grass.  They did come back to put up a number on the post, and add the street lamp to the other post.  Yesterday they were busy up the street adding another post with things on it, including a lamp and a number.

Yesterday the rain was bucketing down all day.  The river is running high  Another foot of to the level and it will be as high as the bed of the bridge and maybe up to the level of the road in front of our home.  We did not have rain today, but we are to have more rain tomorrow.  Hopefully not enough rain to flood our street and wash away the new soil.

The crocuses are looking good in the crocus field and in the garden.  More photos  of them soon.

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