Monday, February 08, 2016

In the Garden on January 28th

 the clematis trees are in bloom fairly early this year.  Now they are covered with buds and the first blooms are opening.
 The first crocuses were up at the end of January.  Now the yellow ones are open in the crocus field.
 This is a new cyclamen that I planted in the front little rockery.  It is good to see it open.  There a couple of blooms on the cyclamen at the back by the old sidewalk.
 The daffodils have been in buds for the past few weeks.  They should soon be opening.  Especially after a nice sunny warm day like today.  I cannot get out to garden, as I still have a nasty cold.
This is a new light blue polyanthus that I bought at Mattick's Farm nursery.  I really should get it transplanted as it has roots growing out of the bottom of its pot.  Also have a nice little ice plant from them that needs to go into the little rockery at the back, too. 

I plan to take out the overgrown blue spruce that borders the pond and replace it with the miniature pine tree that is now in  the little rockery.  This should free up more space for the polyanthus/primula collection. 

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