Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Orchids in January

 Flowers of the Ludisia discolor
 This white Phal. is still in bloom with 8 flowers open. 
 another shot of the while phal.  This is the plant that had blue flowers as it was 'infused' with the blue color and has now reverted to its original color.
 The new Bay Charity bear of 2015 Christmas named Tolmie.
 A close up of the yellow Phal. that had 3 blossoms and now has just one left. 
 The lady slipper Philippenense Grace Ann X Nancy.  This one was not in bloom for very long, but is weirdly interesting.  In trying to tear off a dead leaf I broke off the part of the plant that I believe was going to bloom next.  I stuck the broken part back into the pot.  It seems to be surviving.  Hope it sets its own roots.
 The Ludisia flowers with its attractive foliage.
The leaves of the Ludisia. 
There will be more orchid photos from the light garden.
I have otherwise been busy learning some new things on my computer.  I have added Google Analytics to my web page.  The Guestbook I had on my page shut down their guestbooks due to the scammers causing them endless work and bother.  So, I found a new Guestbook to use.  I now have just a link to the guestbook.  It is easy to find and use.  I do need to approve the guestbook comments before they are entered.  I have created yet another series of page for the Garden Journal excerpts and have finished the first year; 2012 and am half finished 2013.  These text pages are taken from my garden journal that I started keeping on my computer in 2012.  There will eventually be photo albums of these changes to the garden over the years.  I have a licensed copy of JAlbum to make photo albums.  I have hosting space on JAlbum for the albums, that I will be embedding in my web pages.  These photo albums can have different skins.  Perhaps one day I will learn how to add them to my page without over-writing any thing I have done.  Maybe my techie will show me how. 
A few weeks ago, I pulled the iris pots out of the pond and thinned them out, and put them back in the pond.  They should bloom better in a year or two, hopefully.  I repaired the waterfall and the edge of the pond.  It will look better when the edging plants grow and spread along the edge.  I will have to keep after the bluebells to get rid of them.  Chemical does not work on them, so they will need to be dug out, and any flowers cut off so that they do not produce more plants.

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