Saturday, February 06, 2016

More orchids in January

 A close up of the Cattleya Intermedia . . species. 
the Cattleya Intermedia against the green wall.
 The same photo with different colors from photoshop.
 More of the Cattleya Intermedia.  This orchid had one blossom for its first time blooming at my house.  The bloom lasted only a couple of weeks.  I do seem to have better luck with the species.  Although my hybrid Pixie does very well.
 SL Psyche Orchid.  Pretty little flowers and a regular blooming plant.  The blooms do not last very long, either.  The white phalenopsis shown last post has been in bloom for a very long time.. probably more than a month.
 This photo of the roses at the front door is from Dec. 14, 2015.  The plant still has a couple of blooms showing.  It is time to prune the roses, though.  As soon as I am over my nasty cold I will get out there and do more clean up.
I cleaned up the photo a bit, changed it to 300 dpi and downsized it a bit so it would fit onto my 8 x 10 printing paper.  It printed out very nicely.  The matting I used needs to be darker.  I hung it anyway.  I must get down to Opus and get s new matting. 

I had a walk around the garden and have a few photos of crocuses and snowdrops, to be added soon.

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