Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 14 - the new dirt on the boulevard and something old

 The snowdrops next to the steps up to the front door.  These are double snowdrops.  I did not clean up around them before I took the photo.  I need to divide them and put some out in the crocus field.
 This is the soil added to the boulevard by the Hydro guys.  The traffic was directed around their turcks and so made a few ruts in the outside edge of the boulevard.  The crocuses were not touched.  I raked some of the soil up over the crocus field, tamped the rest down with the garden rake and threw some grass seed on it.  We have had a few days of light rain since I did that.  I don't think the birds have found the grass seed yet.  Hope it germinates soon.
 This end of the crocus field had more soil available to rake up over the crocuses, so hopefully the grass will grow in this corner.  There are crocuses there, but they seem to be later than the rest.  This is next to the plum tree where the neighbors were putting their garbage bins on pick up day. I made a point of asking her not to put her bins on the flowers, this evening and helped her position her bin off the new soil and seed.
 This bright orange fungus grows on the log across the street from our home.  It dies back in the summer.  Beautiful thing.

 Last evening, after dinner, we were discussing a camping trip we had done where the campground was next to the town water resevoir.  After searching through my travel journals I finally found that it was the Trail Campground at Kindersley, Sask.  Pat went golfing with his buddy, Al and I too my camera up along the path that bordered the water.  These marvelous cactus were in full bloom.
 these photos were from July 2004.  I was using my Canon Powershot A50.  Pat had given it to me for Christmas in 1999.  A very sharp lens on this compact camera and it shot in RAW also.  When I processed these photos in Photoshop, I only had the jpegs available as I knew nothing about RAW at that time.  The processed photos are far bigger than the jpegs.  Amazing.  This never happens with my Canon SX60, now.  I must get out the old A50 and use it again.  I wonder if it still works.
There were old rusty barbeque stands at each campsite at Kindersley.  I really like this Abstract of the rust.  I call it double jeopardy.  I think it may make a good 8 x 10 print.

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