Friday, February 12, 2016

new Hydro Posts No.1

Last week the Hydro trucks arrived and put two poles in the ground.  The pole in the photos is just across the street from our home and next to the trail in the park.  There were four trucks and at least four men working to install things on these poles.  It was interesting to watch, and since I will never see this happening again I took photos of almost all of the operations.  My camera battery needed changing and my spare battery was not charged up, either.  So, I took out my old S3 IS and relearned how to shoot with it.   More photos to follow . . . guess you just can't wait to see them?

We  have been having some very warm days, but I have not been out to garden  due to this nasty cold I have.  But I did get out to take a few photos.  There were bees on the crocuses that are now in bloom!  The pump had stopped, so I got it restarted again.  The filter part has fallen off the pump.  I will probably have to drain the pond to find it.  

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