Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Victoria Harbour Ferry

The Victoria Harbour Ferry. Another photo from June last year. It is a real treat to go for a ride on one of these little ferries. They are surprisingly stable.
The Tea Ceremony and the Japanese maple tree phiotos are from June 21, 2008 when the Takata Japanese Gardens were opened at Glendale Gardens. I have also added one of the videos I took at that time, to the bottom of this blog.

Japanese Maple

I uploaded the video of the Japanese drummers to my youtube today. I spent far too much time looking for a video editor and trying to make one go. My windows movie maker has stopped working. Along with numerous other things Windows related. Sure wish I could run Linux. I am not getting windows 7 because that would mean I would need a whole new computer. On days like this, I think I might just go back to reading books and gardening. But I did get some of my own stuff done today, so I guess that is a plus. The car stuff on my web page has the sub page finished with a start on the list of car events... in three parts. I am quite happy with how that is turning out. My web page is very old and no one goes there. I am glad of that, as it is more for my own records and enjoyment, than anything.

Yesterday I went for a phlobotomy and was out of there in record time. Later in the evening we went to the Dunlop house with Jim and Sheila to enjoy a scrumptious wine paired seafood dinner.

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