Sunday, November 15, 2009

Over wintering wasps

This wasp nest was knocked down from somewhere on the garage door when it was opened recently. It seems this is the way wasps spend the winter. I think these might be queen wasps that come out in the spring, mate and start reproducing. I really must research this now that I have seen this. Perhaps, if we do not want too many wasps around we should seek out these nests and destroy them. But, I am not sure we should do this. Last year there were very few bees around in my garden. When the thyme circle is in bloom there are usually hoards of honey bees feeding. This past summer I could count the bees, there were so few of them. I must research whether or not wasps pollinate flowers, also. There are many different kinds of wasps and bees, also.

Last week James and Barbara brought one of their cars over to store in our garage where the torpedo Model T was stored. James has our Model T and is working on the restoration. I noticed the wasp nest when out in the back garage talking to them and so assumed that the nest was knocked down at that time, as I had not seen it before.

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