Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Domain Name Scams coming from China

The sparkling water turned into a cyanotype. :)

I received an email from a Chinese source that is trying to scam domain name registrants. On this web page by Joe Wein I found many more examples of this scam. Thanks Joe. I appreciate the information.

Our weather has been very grey and bits of rain. The towns that were flooding are due for another deluge, according to the weather warnings.

I am loading my travel photos to the new site. They will be moved when we go to our 'public' URL. This is the beginning of my metamorphosis to becoming invisible.

I have been reading until all hours of the night again. I finished The Frog Lake Massacre by Bill Gallaher, last nite. Its a book about the rebellion of the Metis and some of the Cree Indians in 1880s. The previous week I read The Raven's Cry which is a bit of history on the decimation of the Haida Indians by the white fur traders at their home in Haida Gwaii and along the west coast of Canada. We have lost so much in both cases. I don't know if there will ever be a solution to this corner we have painted ourselves into with the reservations and treaty payments. I wish we could assimilate them into society with no more reservations or race discrimination.

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