Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The blue bridge is up in the air

I have not been keeping up to the latest news with regard to the make over or new installation of this bridge. It's a landmark in Victoria. Apparently it needs to be upgraded or replaced. Likewise, I have not been keeping up to date on the carrying of the olympic's torch around the Island. Also, we are to have a visit to our city from Prince Charles and what's her name. It will be another feeding frenzy for the media, I suppose. In my mind, this person has no real influence on anything in the world. Would you care what he says?

I was out in my garden for 3 hours today. The front is looking pretty good. I removed a few weeds and a couple of bamboo runners. The leaves from the Liquid Amber tree are still mostly green and will need attention in a week or two. In the back I cleaned up the path and have the leaves off the paths and off of the moss garden. There are quite a few violets in the moss garden. The next day I am out there I will be cleaning up these violets. It all looks not too bad. If I keep the weeds in check there is very little maintenance otherwise. I will be slowly renovating the borders over the next while, too. I plan to have pinks along the grass side of the bed along by the old sidewalk, so will be transplanting bits of the ones I have to this area.

The new site is looking better and better. They are getting more and more things done and bugs fixed. I uploaded a photo to photo net just to see how things are there now. Nothing has really changed.

I will have the 'car tours' sub page on my wen page finished, with the 3 album pages linked, but none of the albums done. Its a start on the car stuff, though. Next I want to do up the album for the painted vases. The slide show done with Power Points is pretty cool, but it doesn't really work with my old fashioned page. So, I think I will just stick to the adobe photo albums for now.

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