Friday, November 20, 2009

Content Cat

This cat is enjoying its own garden in the Spring of 2008. I like to see cats like this that stay within their own gardens or houses. It is a far more content cat than the 'fraidy cats I see sneaking around my garden, chasing the birds.

I have had another request to use one of my photos from on Flickr. This request is for use at a Sustainability workshop to do with the quality of life at Qualicum Beach.
It would be nice to get consideration for the use of my photo. But I suppose, when you put photos up on the internet they can be taken any time. At least they can on Flickr. Our new site will prevent the 'borrowing' of any photos. I imagine anyone can take the photos from my blog too. My photos are not really large enough for use in the printed form, but on line they could work well enough.

I had a good afternoon out in the garden. I have raked and swept up the leaves. I put some of the leaves on to the rectangular flower beds at the front. The tree still has about half of its leaves, so there will be more leaves to add to the perennials blanket. After I finished the leaves I started digging violets out of the moss /Japanese garden. With the wet soil and my digging tool, the violets roots come out fairly easily. I got about half of the area weeded when it started to rain. I am really pleased with the way this moss garden is coming along, despite the violets. I just need to keep after them and they will be soon in check. I let them grow in the strip along the driveway, and in the strip along Parmar's sidewalk. There are also some along a short path in the front garden. I keep these clipped but am thinking of getting rid of them totally.

There has been flooding in Duncan apparently. I did not see the news, so shall try to find it on the internet. I believe the "A" channel was doing the reporting. We had slightly over one half an inch of rain in the rain gauge over yesterday. Most of that rain happened over nite. Our Colquitz river is high but we are not flooding.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on having the photo chosen. Well deserved.