Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enjoying the Garden from inside

The newest vase and the autumn leaves in the living room.

The newest vase with floral arrangement, no flash used.

my newest vase with floral arrangement using flash

I spent a few minutes yesterday, walking around my garden. I have a sprig of the Artemisia, Powis Castle, and one flower head from the sedum for the arrangement in my newest vase. I rather like how the photo of the vase in the livingroom has turned out. Our liquid amber tree that is in front of our living room window is very colorful right now. We are getting light frost over night. The leaves from the tree are beginning to fall and look lovely on the green of the grass path beneath it. I will need to get out and rake the leaves, though, as it is not good for the grass to leave the fallen leaves. :-)

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