Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August... so soon!

I was playing with my files from our last trip.  I printed this one ... right out of the camera, no photoshop.  I think it turned out really good.  It is downsized here. I think I will frame it and start a small gallery along by the wall next to the stairwell.

The hoodoos from near Drumheller,Alberta, in color and black and white.  I have lots of RAW photos of the hoo doos to play with. 
The charge of the RCMP musical ride at Fort McLeod on Canada Day... a month ago!  oh my, where has the time gone.
The gardens and lawns in the city are starting to go brown.  Tomorrow is my official watering day, so I should get out and do some of that.  It has been cloudy the last few days, and I was hoping we would get rain but no such luck.
I have 4 more solar garden lights and a pair of garden clogs.  The light I bought for a test, works really well.  I am going to keep one of the new ones on the window and see if it works inside.  I have a stalker.  There is someone leaving little drink bottles, banana skins and other evidences of their presence in the inner garden at the front.  The garden stalker has not been around for a few days, though.  I should set a trap for this intruder.  Any ideas?  a pit bull guard dog?  a bit extreme maybe.  One of those scare away water pulse things might be just the thing!  Should keep the bunnies out too.  I understand these things work on motion detection.  Maybe I could set it so it only monitors the inner garden, so that guests don't get soaked coming in the front door.


Anonymous said...

The flower/wall/shadow has got to be one of the best photos I've seen in a long time. The little shadow ties the weed to the wall. I would not touch change anything on the photo.

Disturbing indeed! We have a pair of 250 watt flood lights operated by a motion sensor that is set to only work at night. It will spot up a cat crossing the driveway and the sensitivity is adjustable. Of course, it may be disturbing to any neighbor which the light hits, but it doesn't say on long.

Maggie said...

Thanks for the agreement on the little inner city survivor. :)

The neighbours have one of those lights on the side of their house right next to the property line. I would imagine it detects my front garden too. I should test it out. For all I know its one of them sitting in there on my garden bench and leaving trash, just to annoy me. But this was happening before our dispute about how much of my trees and shrubs should be butchered to accommodate their laundry and sidewalk. I cannot see out into the garden now that the tree in front of the windows is in full leaf.

Anonymous said...

Love thy neighbor! ;-)