Friday, August 05, 2011

August in the garden

The delphinium on the deck is a wonderful color.  I am waiting for a sunset to shoot with this one in front of it.  The lace cap hydrangea is covered with blooms this year.  It is a lovely color too.  This hydrangea has wonderful fuzzy leaves.   There are a few other plants in bloom, but these two are the best.  The day lilies are nice, and the campanulas are looking good.  The tomatoe plant on the deck has tiny tomatoes that are ripening.  We will be able to be eating them in a day or two.  I have been using parsley, fennel, oregano, chives from the garden.  I watered by hand back and front today.  Yesterday, I was out weeding and pruning back the fig tree and other stuff along the old sidewalk and the stepping stones at the back.  The humming birds have been around and a few butterflies.  The ravens visit the deck railing looking for more party snacks. 
While viewing some of my old photos I found this one and thought to play with it a bit in photoshop to give it a bit more pizzazz.  It is the parliament buildings in Budapest, Hungary.  I will probably load it to Megashot some day. 
I have managed to get our recent trip added to my web page with yet another under construction page.  I must get to work at creating albums and get the gardening page finished.  I have the June album to do next.  It is going to be a large album.  I think May is the best month, followed closely by June, in my garden.

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