Thursday, August 04, 2011

I was looking back at a few RAW photos from July.  The little pink flower is in a planter on the deck.  it is a penstemon.  I cropped it tightly and made it square format.  The next photo is a play on texture of the size of the leaves of the fig, the fennel and the strawberry tree foliage.  The last photo is the stepping stones in the bottom back garden.  There is Corsican mint filling in between the stones.  It has a wonderful minty aroma when stepped upon.  The blue flowers are annuals.  The snap dragons are along the edge of this path as you go towards the back.  I am working on a perennial planting for this area of the garden.
The stock markets have been falling like rocks, globally, in reaction to our governments overspending. 

Every man, woman and child in Canada currently owes $16,953.41 for their share of Canada's public debt.  The USA is at apx $46K per person.  I wonder if companies like Bombardier Aerospace or other Bombardier company employees would be willing to kick in extra monies for the extensive loans the company has received from the Canadian Government... which, no doubt, went right into their bank accounts.  We could review Malroney's bank accounts and see if he has a few million lying around for his grasping, piggy raping of the Canadian economy while in office.  Will the real Conrad Black please stand up?  And those are simply the names that made it into the public domain.  I hate to think of all the names that are not public, but are still feeding at the public trough. 


Anonymous said...

Your RAW photos look very good.

I'm sad--but also somewhat glad--that the US is not the only country complaining about corporate purchasing of their politicians. I wish I had a "quick fix" answer for any part of it, but it is too far out of hand and getting worse.

Maggie said...

Oh, this complaining is global, I think.

Think of this: Those of us who contribute to paying off the debt should go into the list of people whom the governments MUST borrow from; and we will, therefore, see a return on our money in interest paid. The country would surely be by the people, and for the people if that were to happen. All the corporate contributors would be lining up to pay down the debt, and waiting for the new borrowings.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me but I bet the government would find it immoral.