Monday, August 08, 2011

August ruminations

The Yucca is looking pretty good this year.  You can see the second stalk of blossoms growing.  The plant has an offshoot that has progressed to the blooming stage.  I cleaned up this plant and the surrounding area, earlier this year.  The virginia creeper has grown back vigourously.  The St. John's worte is taking a little longer to recover.  The sedum in the foreground will soon be opening its blooms too.  I must spread a few more of these well behaved plants around the garden. 
Today was a lovely day outside, again.  But, I spent most of the day on my computer while making chicken soup.  I have 2 jars of the soup frozen, for a colder day.  We tested it with our dinner and it is as good as always.  While on my computer I got a bit of Megashot stuff done.  We really have some good photographers there.  The site was pretty fast today compared to what it has been in the last while.  They are working on Version 2 which should be ready soon, in its new data center and servers.  Its a marvelous site and is going to be even better and faster in version 2.  Its no wonder Megashot and chicken soup are mentioned in the same paragraph! :-}
I spent a bit of time reading about HDR, the newest thing in photo processing.  The dark room has come a long, long way since the old wet dark room days.  Its quite fun.  Somewhere in my readings, it said that you could drag and drop any photo onto the icon for your photoshop program, and sure it works wonderfully well.  I dragged and dropped this RAW  file on to the PS icon and it, of course, went directly to the PS RAW converter.  I am getting better at using that converter, slowly.  I didn't find much I wanted to change on this yucca photo. 

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