Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August gardening on the West Coast

This is a Japanese anemone.  I have a few of these graceful plants in different areas of the garden.  This particular one is just behind the the boxwood at the front and the burning bush shrub at the side of Mrs. Pee's sidewalk.  Behind it is the Jackimani royal purple clematis.  They are both in bloom now.
There is also fireweed in bloom with the clematis and anemone.  At their feet and behind the clematis is bishops weed, that is in front of the chimney.  There are also some orange daylilies in this combination.    I might want to move the day lilies, some day.   I think the bright orange clashes with the other colors.
This is the Irish heather in bloom in the front garden, next to the grass path.  Behind this heather you see Ladies Mantle.  This plant seems to go with anything, and grow anywhere.  It is easy to remove, and not too invasive.  All the heathers in my garden are in bloom.
I have had this photo on my desktop all summer.  I finally took the time to look it up and found it is called Marsilea Mutica.  I had thought it was a clover, of course.  It is actually a fern.  It can grow in my pond.  The planting depth should be 6 to 18 inches, full sun to shade, recommended pot size 8 x 5.  It is US hardiness zone 6 - 11, so we should be okay.  I think we are in US hardiness zone 8.
I am getting a few new plants on my wish list.  This one, a maltese cross (lychnis).  I get along fairly well with the lychnis plants.  :)  The photo of the water plant was taken out at Glendale Gardens.  It has been ages since I was out there!
A couple of nights ago, I was looking at my videos.  I noticed the one of my waterfall that I had not loaded to u tube.  So, now it is on you tube and I have been able to add it to the bottom of my blog, if you care to scroll down.  My new camera is suppose to do even better videos, in hd.  Have not had time to try it yet.   The reason I was looking at my videos is because I want to be able to  use my new hd screen for movies and videos.  I want to learn how to find movies and how to watch TV on this screen.  According to Trevor, my techie, I can use both of my screens.  I like this one for my photos, and everything.  The new one is a wide screen and I am having a hard time getting used to its resolution for surfing web pages and for viewing photos.  So, in this regard, I now have a new little desk with the new screen on it behind me.  I can swing around in my chair and take my wireless mouse and keyboard to the other screen.  I hope they are now far enough apart so that they do not interfere with each other.  I will get Trevor to come and hook them up, properly, soon.  I am hopeless at hardware connections.
Yesterday I walked from my doctor's office on Blanshard to Chinatown, probably about a mile.  Then in the afternoon, I managed to get the seven, new,  round stepping stones laid into the path in the back garden.  It looks pretty good.  I shall add some pea gravel between the stepping stones, and add Corsican mint to grow.  I only want the Corsican mint along the stepping stones.  It looks really good on the other end of this path.  I must keep the blue eyed grass under control.  It seeds around far too much. While getting some clay soil from under the deck, I managed to hit a wasps' nest and got two bites.  Dammit.  The bites are still itchy and bit swollen.  Thank heavens I am not one of the people who is terribly allergic to bee stings!
Today, my walk was to the 7 - 11 to get my winning lottery ticket, of course.  They are doing some work on Roy Road, so I did not come home via Roy Rd.  It was another lovely day, today.  I have watered around the back, in the woodland, and along the driveway.  The front garden will have to wait for another day.
We are eating the few little tomatoes form the plant on the deck.  I use parsley also.  The plums are ripening.  The figs are still green, but there are some big ones.  The grape is loaded this year. The apples should be good too.  The red currant needs to be picked and made into currant jelly.  It is so good, when take the time to make it!
Pat finished putting my new little desk together last night and I spent this morning moving things around. By this evening, I feel quite comfortable in my new computer space.  I am working on tweaking more photos for the 170 photo album for June for my old web page.  The Gardening Page has a few more albums to go, yet! 


KenA said...

The waterfall video is great and sounds good, too. Catch it again in widescreen HD on the dslr and it should be much better.

Maggie said...

Yes, I must do that! The software I got with the camera has a movie editor that I shall have fun playing with too.

Tabby Tiger said...

You do have beautiful and unique flowers. I don't have those kinds of flowers thus I am thinking of buying some seeds for my garden. Seeing how beautiful the flowers were, it will certainly be a nice addition to my garden. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.