Sunday, August 07, 2011

August in the garden - dead heading perennials

this is an older photo of my very colorful water iris.  I missed the blooms this year, as we were away at the time.
I have been working on the 'June' album for the gardening page on my old web site.  I have gone through my photos for June, over they years and have come up with 170 of them that I want to add to the album.  Its going to have 17 pages with 10 photos per page.  I have 2 pages of photos downsized and ready for the creation of the album on photoshop.  Its a long process, after the creation of the album, too, as I go through the html and add comments on each page and sometimes on the photos; and menus for each page to link back to the rest of my web page.  I got quite a bit done last year, despite being away for 3 months.  I should be able to get this album finished, at least.
I did a couple of hours out in the garden dead heading perennials and shrubs.  The fire thorn is under control again.  That's always a thorny issue.  It will have lots of berries on it again, for the robins, in winter.  The pinks, the tall campanulas at the back, are clipped.  The Michaelmas daisies are going to be the next show.  I clipped the old blooms off the lilac, and sheared the cedars along the vegetable garden.  The malvas are finished and cut back.  Despite the watering yesterday and day before, the garden, is not that terrific.  I need more plants to fill in for when the earlier ones are finished, perhaps.  The little tomatoes on the deck are ripening.  The perennial plants are mostly finished, except for the delphinium, the hollyhock and the scaboisia.  The delphinium pot with cosmos looks good. 
I see we have a bee hive up in our tree.  They seem to be black bees.  The little honey bees are pretty thick on the blooming germander, too.  So, it looks like I will have my own bee hive for the pollination of my fruit trees, or vegetables, if I ever get them growing.  This is good too.

There is rioting in London.  This is madness, like the riots in Vancouver after the Stanly cup final hockey game.  I makes no sense to me at all.

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