Sunday, July 31, 2011

Deck planters in July

This pink poppy, somniferum papvar, has volunteered to grow in one of the deck planters.  It is an annual and I shall save the seed and see if I can get it to grow next year, in what is going to be my cutting garden. 
This is the only butterfly I have seen at the butterfly/hummingbird planters.  This is a very close crop of a RAW photo.  I am really liking this RAW stuff.  So much more data in the files, and easy to convert to tiff or jpeg to save.
The delphinium is looking really good, with the cosmos at its feet.  This is a combination I will want in the 'cutting garden'.  As well as hollyhocks, monarda, scaboisia,
I had left some nuts that were well past their best before date, out on the deck railing.  As I put a few out they would disappear without me seeing where they had gone.  Finally, I saw a pair of ravens helping themselves to the party snacks.  I did not get a good shot of them, but I am very happy with how the black feathers turned out in this RAW photo.  Great color and detail.

I have been reading Phillipa Gregory, Cornwell, and have picked up a couple of novels about Troy.  This, and the house cleaning have kept me busy recently.  I have been spending a bit of time on Megashot, and doing a bit of gardening with cooking, of course, thrown in.  It is all a fine mix.  Life is good on the West Coast.

I seem to have trashed my sound from the speakers somehow.  I have to get Trevor to come see if the speakers are broken, or if it is something else I have done.  The speakers should still be under warranty and so should his time to replace them, if that is the problem. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you are liking the RAW.
The white butterfly is probably a cabbage (white sulphur). They are common around E. Tenn.

Maggie said...

Thanks. Yes, we called them cabbage butterflies, too. I have some Chinese vegetables in the cabbage family going to seed on the vegetable garden, so there seems to be more of these white sulphurs around.