Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Internet Crime - Swatting

Yesterday morning I saw a humming bird at the monarda flowers, on my deck.  The main reason for all the flowers on my deck this year is because I read an article about  creating a hummingbird/butterfly container of flowers.  The project has gone very well and the flowers are looking pretty good.  The small cherry tomatoe plant has bunches of little green tomatoes, also.  The basil was not a big success.  I probably got the wrong kind, as mine has tiny leaves.  I don't think the ones I am growing would make more than a couple of tablespoons of pesto.  The only butterfly I have seen on the deck plants, so far, is a white one.  I did see a swallowtail in the back garden, where the fennel grows, and a mating pair of morning cloaks in the front garden, on the plum tree. 
I spent the morning playing with my camera and reading in the manual.  I discovered how to use the macro setting.  I was using it with my 28 - 135 lens.  I must try this with the 50mm and the extra macro lens extension.  I like how the scaboisia turned out.  When I downloaded the photos I could see the RAW beside the large jpegs.  The RAW are so much better.  It is very obvious when you see the thumbnails side by side. 

In the afternoon, I was out in the garden for about 4 hours.  I have clipped back most of the daisies, pulled weeds, and did more clipping back of plants that have finished blooming.  I tried to set up the sprinkler for the early morning run, so I could just turn it on, but I could not get it position right, so I did most the the front garden watering by hand.  There is still more weeding and watering to do, of course. 

Today, I walked back from the mall, which is about a mile and a half.  Was a pleasant walk.  In looking at the plants for sale at the Country Grocer, I see that I need to go to a few garden centers for a good look around.  I don't really have room for anything, though.  I really should make my vegetable garden into a cutting garden, as my vegetables are just non doing well.  Since I am going to be away for weeks at a time in the summer for the next few years, I don't think a vegetable garden will work for me.  I am enjoying a boquet of ladies mantle, white roses, achillea, and a malva type flower in pink (it is reseeding all over the garden and really puts on a nice show). So, perhaps the cutting garden could have gladiola, and other tall flowers that bloom in the Fall, when I am most probably going to be at home. 

The internet is becoming a rather perilous place, with no apparent control or attempts at controlling the nastiness.  Here is an example of something called swatting.  I don't see how the people who are doing these crimes can possibly think this is amusing.  It is too bad that the Internet has to resemble the wild west when we are suppose to be intelligent, thinking human species. 

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