Thursday, March 05, 2009


These photos are from my trip back to Regina for my sister's funeral services, about a month ago. I can see where I can dump a most of the out of the plane window photos. It was a sunny day coming over the rockies. Was grand from the window. We were sitting right over the wing though.

Yesterday, John was in to see about doing our paint and repairs to the walls. His son is working with him now. They will move my desk, thank heavens. Trevor is going to come to take my computer at 9:30 on Monday. John is coming at 9:00 Monday. We were lucky to get John this quickly, as he just happened to have a few slow days, before he is doing another big apartment job! Yeay! I am pretty excited about getting things finalized. Just the carpet in my room and then David to finish up the cabinets trim.

Pat is getting the cupboards up in the garage. The last one is going to be a real ... to get the rest of the way up the wall. He wants them soooo high on the wall.... the lowest shelf is over 5 feet from the floor.

Yesterday I tried using philo pastry around shrimp and scallops. Not bad for a first try. Too much butter, though. Today I made lintel chowder and have 4 jars frozen. After lunch, I made borscht and have 2 large jars and 2 smaller ones of this frozen. Pat's high cholestrol and blood pressure has made us both more conscious of eating with less/no salt, ditto animal fats, butter, etc. Its kinda fun to have time in the kitchen to be a bit creative, too.

The temperature is suppose to go to - 4 celcius tonite. Hope the flowers survive. I have my water fall turned back on. Its too cold to stock fish, yet. That wretched frog will probably get them anyway. The marsh marigolds are starting to come up. All the edging is still in place. I want to get more rock plants growing on these rocks and hanging over the edges, if possible. I could lower the rocks a bit but this would again destroy any plants that are starting to get a foothold to grow among and over the rocks.

I got most of my Flickr moderating stuff up to date. Made the award and invitation codes for another group and so am Admin there, now. Its a nice group. I like the photos in there. Rolf has a pending pool and I won't be interfering with his decisions on any of the choices for the photo pool. The new site is going to just grand. They are getting a few more things done.

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