Monday, February 09, 2009

My $12 orchid

I bought this orchid when it was out of bloom and on sale, at the florists in the grocery store about a year ago. It is bigger than my other phalenopsis and has more blooms on the spray. Its a gorgeous plant. My smaller dark pink one is also in bloom. I shall have to pay better attention to feeding them.

Yesterday a robin flew into the patio door/window and died. I only had the curtains open a couple of feet. Oh dear, I felt rather sick seeing it die. I closed the curtains. Today, I went out to clean it up, but took a photo or two first. Poor thing. I really did not want to pick it up, but had to clean it up.

I have been a lot of Flickr stuff the last 3 days and have most of the stuff caught up. Of course, the more you get done the more you get to do in commenting, etc. And so it goes.

Yesterday, I made borscht with an extra jar left over for another day. While I was in the soup making mood I made cream of asparagus with our left over asparagus and the stem ends of the new bunch that Pat had just brought home. We had the cream of asparagus today.... yummmm it turned out really good.

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