Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sandy Laselle

I have the photos for Day 10, Regensburg tweaked and now have to add text for 6 pages. Last nite I spent hours trying to invent a better mousetrap, that is, make a better template for my PS CS. I don't know enough about it yet, to do that, but shall have to find the time to figure it out. The changes I am going to have to make on the one I am using at present are going to be very time consuming for this Album, as I already have 32 pages, with 4 photos each, and text to add. I would really like the numbers of the photos to go down the left side, with the arrows just above, on the left. I guess it is how the table is set up, maybe.

Yesterday we dropped over to Sandy and Bill's place to pick up one of her 18 inch pine wreaths. She does beautiful work! Here is her website, in case you are in the area and in the market for Christmas decorations - home crafted of a high quality. Very creative lady.

I did not have time to photograph the wreath, or look/listen to the DVD of her trip this summer. I will save it for a treat.

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