Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Day 20, The Iron Gates

I am up to day 20, November, 2005, of our trip from Amsterdam to the Black Sea, in tweaking the photos and preparing the text. On this day we cruised from Belgrade, Serbia to Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria. We sailed through the Iron Gates (a narrow gorge between the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains), which were/are a difficult area of the Danube for navigation because of hazardous whirlpools, currents and rocks just below the surface. This section of the Danube has become more easily navigable with the widening and deepening of the River and the construction in the 1970s of the Portile de Fier.
This area of the river has beautiful scenery with cliffs falling to the water and castles on mountaintops.
I do not know who carved this monument. I have a 35mm shot of it and it has a plaque that reads: DECEBALUS REX
I cannot seem to get the colors right on either photo. Strange light.

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