Friday, December 30, 2005

December flowers

This is a rather artistically blurred flower in the rain shot, I hope. Wish it had better bokeh, though. I need to do this with my 35mm.
We have been having some very nice mild weather recently. I have calendulas blooming and the Iceberg roses, yellow jasmine and the eucalyptus tree. Pat made me a compost bin for on the veggie garden out of an old garbage bin. This should be handy for keeping on the veggie garden and for when my big bin gets too full.

I fixed a few little links on my 'links' page of my web page. I have finished the text and photos for Day 21. Slowly getting to the end of this trip. It is going to be more indepth than any of the others. I hope people care to take the time to at least flip through it, when I get it loaded.

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