Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Cheer

I spent the morning creating this silliness for Irene and Dan - on Pat's instigation of course. He says they are 'over refreshed'. Pat managed to get 3 of the sheep for Irene and since they will be up to Victoria next week they shall be able to take their sheep home with them. These Snowmen lie around people's lawns in a flattened out state for most of the day, looking like a bunch of drunks on a binge. So we added the sheep. It was quite hilarious when I was shooting the snowmen. I turned my back to go back to the car and the snowmen popped upright behind me. Good thing I caught them just before they inflated. Or perhaps the neighbor saw me shooting and just flipped the switch. Was funny. Wish I had the neighbors names, I could send them this.

I have been sick with a weird stomach ailment off and on for the last week and a half. Actually since we had dinner a Tino's on San Juan Island. So, that's two weeks and I go from ok to bad. My doctor has me doing tests of this and that kind. He is a firm believer in lab tests of all kinds, despite the fact that tests done for him and for the specialist Dr. are showing completely opposite results. Its all very strange, so there will, of course be more tests. They are kind of interesting, but not great when you already have sore parts. Ah well. I have read 4 books in the time I have been in bed trying to recouperate, between tests and this and that.

Tomorrow is Duck for our dinner. We had a smorg of left overs tonite, as I have not been eating my share of the meals. Was good, it seems, topped off with frozen yogurt and rumpot(only for the fit)

Picked up my Holga color shots at the lab a couple of days ago. Only 8 were well enough exposed to print and none of them are any good at all. I have a light leak in the top. Should have taped all around, of course, not just the bottom. And must be carefull about the winding to the next frame, also. I over wound it and I think should have continued on to the next frame. I guess I am suppose to learn from my mistakes.

We have had the most mild weather lately... up to 13 C. One day we had a freak thunder and lightning (I heard just two of them). There were transformers blown on a hydro station and at Walmart. About 1800 people were out of power for a few hours and Walmart had to be shut down till it was fixed. Considering I had just finished reading Streiber and Bell's book about these kinds of storms (non-fiction), I was thinking... can it be true?

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