Friday, December 16, 2005

Day 15 and 16 - Budapest

I have finished resizing the photos from Budapest where we spent two days. Slowly getting this album ready to load to my page. The photos are not great as they were grey, overcast days. There were trolly lines and power lines and adverstising everywhere so it was difficult to get a good shot. We were not allowed cameras in the Godolla Palace. After the Vienna Hapsburg palaces, this one seemed a bit small and not quite so grand. Hereo's Square is always good for photos. There were kids skate boarding and people sitting on parts of the sculptures. We were told to watch for pick pockets, so I was not too comfortable taking out my 35mm at first, but there were no gypsies about. I guess we were too late in the tourist season to worry about them. Probably gone to the South of France by this time to run their flea markets/market days.

My notes say Budapest has 7 bridges. I seem to have photos of 4. I know I missed a shot of the Chain bridge. Oh well. Another City that it is a must to go back to and spend some time. Once away from the tourist group, I seemed to get a different view of the City. We shopped a bit and the people are pleasant and friendly, just like last time we were there. I bought The Da Vinci Code in paperback and Pat got a big map of Europe.

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