Sunday, December 18, 2005

Day 17 Kolsca, Hungary

This is one of the 35mm photos scanned in from a print. This is in Kolsca, Hungary where we were treated to some horseman showmanship.

I have finished the text for 15 and 16 and have started tweaking page 17. I tried out a few things with the HTML for each page and each photo, also, and seem to have a good scheme (for my amature page anyway) worked out. With all the changes it might take awhile to load all the pages. So far, 65 pages with 4 photos each- 260 photos and slightly more than half finished. Looks like I may end up with about 500 photos.

The other day I found another blog where a lady and her mother went with a group from Austin, Texas to Amsterdam and to Vienna, but not with our Uniworld. Here it is. I find it difficult to find the links to each page on her blog, but it is much more indepth than my blog is or my page will be. It is quite a bore, actually.

We enjoyed a good afternoon with Steve and Ruby on our annual Cherry Point port run. We each came back with a case of wine, plus.

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