Sunday, June 05, 2011

The water garden and moss garden

It was a fine day to be out gardening.  I watered a bit in the morning.  After lunch I was out for about 3 hours.  I did weeding and a bit of pruning.  There are lots of little Saskatoon berries, there are little yellow plums, there are tiny apples, and the strawberries are still blooming and forming berries. 

This is a look at the dry stream that goes from next to the pond to under the deck, into heavy shade.  At the bottom of the photo is the little lace leaf maple and next to it is the lantern.  I am happy to see it is beginning to grow some moss and get a nice patina.  Across from the lantern is my best moss that is under the mountain laurel that is just coming into bloom. On the left there is a little cedar by the lantern and you see one bloom of the rhodo that is just over from the lantern.  At the curve in the dry stream there is a old stump and on the other side just before the curve is a large fern.  At the stump the dry stream curves and runs under the outer edge of the deck.
A close up of the moss.  I have at least four different kinds of moss growing. 

This is a look at the dry stream from both sides in the area of the 'posts'.  After the posts, the stream takes another turn and disappears under the ferns.  I have moss on the outer side of the deck of the dry stream. I cut the ferns off that try to grow in the moss, but leave the Welsh poppies grow.  They are a bright yellow, delicate flower and look great with the moss.  Just up from where the dry stream takes its second curve there are helebores an azalea, more ferns and another rhodo by the deck support post.  When cleaning up this area I was surprised at how few violets there actually were.  I thought this was going to be a 2 day job, but it actually took very little time.  The moss is coming along really very well.  I must try to keep it all moist.   I saw only one slug and one of those little green snails.  On the side of the dry stream that is farther under the deck, I have solemons seal, a variegated evergreen little shrub that I clip, and I let the violets grow on this side.  On the other side of the ferns there is a bleeding heart plant that is surviving.
This is a view of the whole pond.  The marsh marigold on one side and the little lebanon cedar on the other.  There are campanula and saxifragia on the side that is at the bottom of the photo, with iris to the right and the water hawthorn in middle in bloom.  If you look closely you can see the frog.
This is the frog.  I think it is one of those big ones that is taking over the habitat of our indigenous species of frogs.  It is about half the size of the big one I had in my pond before.  I don't know how I can catch it.  When it leaps and dives into the water when it hears me coming it makes this weird squeaking noise.   I don't think it ate the fish, as the new ones I purchased are still in the pond. 
The water fall is now running a bit too fast, but better fast than too slow.  You see the marsh marigold and the sweet flag.  The sides of the water fall are slowly growing moss.  I must get some moss growing on the bottom of the mermaid or find a better place for her to sit.

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