Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Iris in the June garden

These two photos are of the gorgeous water iris at Berwick House in the water feature.   
The yellow water iris in the woodland tub garden.  Apparently these iris are invasive.  I must go see if my contribution to the Colquitz river have survived.  They grow fairly vigorously in the garden, but not invasive. 
Another shot of my tall bearded all yellow iris that lives on the woodland.  Today, I added one of the wine colored tall ones to this iris bed at the beginning of the woodland garden.  This area has the ebony, the yellow, the dark blue varieties of the tall beareded irises.  I also moved some of the wine colored ones out to the front rectangles.  They should do ok, there.
This is the only Dutch iris I have growing.  I must get some more of these elegant iriises.
The siberian iris in the front garden.  You see the bench beyond the time circle.  The Siberian iris stand in front of the black bamboo.  I had a white one of these in the mix.  There is a nasty grass growing among these iris.  The leaves are quite similiar, so that is probably why this grass has got away on me, in this area.
It was another perfect day today.  Pat made me a ramp for pushing the lawn mover and wheel barrow up to the back over 2 steps, without having to go all around the garage on the woodland walk.  Its a very good ramp.  I am so pleased with it.  I removed an old cedar planter that was by these steps on the patio area, so that the ramp sits straight up the steps.  The first run up the ramp took my wheel barrow loaded with the plants and dirt from the old cedar planter.   I transplanted the plants to the area by the kiwi tree, at the top, next to the path that goes by the apple tree.  This area needs more good dirt added to it.  I will probably add some of the dirt that I rescued from under the St. John's Worte... its good woodland type of soil, and should beef up this clay soil.   I did a bit of pruning here and there.  I moved a few lily of the valley from Mrs. Pee's side to under the deck.... clipped down the bishops weed on that side too.  These ignorant tree terrorists have been chopping away at one of my evergreens again and throwing the debris in the pond.  I had a look at their side of this evergreen.  I hope they are happy with the ugly twiggy mess they have to look at.  Weird concept of landscaping, idiots.

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