Friday, June 03, 2011

Endangered Species - Galapagos Penguins

Photos from our trip to Ecuador and Peru last year.  We have a new community on Megashot.net for endangered species.  I cannot decide which one of these I wanted to upload to Megashot, so thought I would have a look at them on my blog.  It was a difficult shooting position: in a rocking boat that was lined with other tourists on both sides.  The sun was bright at mid day.
Yesterday in the Times Colonist there was this article with regard to B.C.'s laws about endangered species: Quote...
Languishing species report earns tongue lashing from NDP

Robert Shaw
Times Colonist
June 2, 2011

The B.C. government is keeping secret the recommendations of its task force on protecting species at risk, says NDP environment critic Rob Fleming.
The task force, made up of scientists, academics and environmental groups, was struck last year to look at whether changes to legislation are needed to protect endangered animals and ecosystems in B.C. The creation of the group was promised by government in its 2009 throne speech.
The task force submitted its report to Environment Minister Terry Lake in January, but government has never disclosed the recommendations and would not release the report publicly Wednesday.
"I don't know what their recommendations were, nobody does," said Fleming.  "It's been sitting collecting dust for six months."
Lake was not available for comment Wednesday. "Government is now examining the report in detail and giving it the frulsome review that it deserves," he said during his ministry's budget debate earlier this month.  "I can say at this point that it will be considered fully by government."  Lake said he hopes to release information from the task force3 "in the relatively near future," but offered Fleming no timeline for such a move.
"There was no explanation for the delay that was satisfactory, and no explanation for the amount of secrecy that has shrouded this report," said Fleming.
Fleming introduced his own endangered species private member's bill Wednesday, saying New Democrats want to act on the issue while B.C. Liberals continue to do nothing.  It is the second time he has introduced a bill on the topic, but his initiatives have never been supported by government.  His latest bill is almost assured to fail because the B.C. legislature adjourns Thursday for its summer break.
Fleming's bill aims to identify and list endangered species and protect their habits to ensure their survival.
Environmental groups the Sierra Club of B.C., the Wilderness Committee Eco-justice, Conservation Northwest, and the David Suzuki FRoundation expressed support for the NDP bill Wednesday, saying B.C. has 1,900 plants and animals declining or at risk of disappearing.
B.C. and Alberta are the only provinces without standalone species at risk laws, said Fleming. ... Unquote.
and then I found the B.C. website about our endangered species.  Its a good site, very up to date and comprehensive.  I don't believe I have photos of any of our own endangered species.

we have been promised rain for the last 2 days.  Its was cloudy and warm, beautiful the last few days, but no rain.  I have the lawn mowed and edging done.  ... easy, as I don't have much grass.  The garden is looking really pretty good.  The moss garden needs some attention.  The woodland is full of plants.  I need to weed some of the more rambuncious ones out to give the others a chance.  My potted plants are doing well.  


Anonymous said...

On the 2nd pic from bottom, can you crop and and use the lone bird on the right? He has a good, lonely pose. The middle bird in the same pic would be good also.

Good photos and great blog.

Maggie said...

Thanks Ken. They are all severely cropped, the top two most of all. I shall try your suggestions.

Thanks for the compliments.