Monday, June 20, 2011

Model T days

I like this shot of my best Dutch iris that is on the little rockery in the front garden.

Yesterday we were up early and over to the meeting spot for the model T Fords rally.  There was a good turn out of 15 cars.  While having coffee and doughnuts and visiting; Dennis mentioned to me that we are going to need a closed trailer to take our car to Pincher Creek.  Pat got seriously considering this idea.  He did some asking and phoning around.  By 5:00 o'clock he had purchased one at Duncan.  Our bank account will survive the hit.;  It is a great relief to me that we now have a covered trailer.  As Dennis said, we have a fairly big investment in our 1912 Torpedo Roadster Model T Ford.  Pat has it running beautifully with help from James.  It is looking great.  The rally was fun this year.  We had 4 checkpoints, that took us downtown.
I will eventually be making an album for each car event we go to, and load them to my web page.  I have a few photos ready for this album, but it is not likely to get made this year.  I hope to get at least the June album made for the gardening page... and more of the gardening if I ever get time. 

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