Sunday, June 12, 2011

Berwick House

Yesterday we took the old car over to Berwick House where a few of us were invited to show our cars.  I wandered around the gardens taking photos.  They have some wonderful water features... very little lawn, its mostly ground covers.  Berwick House is a retirement complex... very high end.  Some of us went on a tour of the complex and viewed a one bedroom with den unit, and a two bedroom two bath unit, as well as the dining room, spa, library, theatre, and all the other places in the complex. 

Their irises are in bloom.  Since I am, at the moment, on an iris kick, I have quite a lot of pictures of the irises from the garden there.  This one with variegated leaves is rather eye catching.  More irises later, perhaps.
Our car on display. Too bad about the busy background. We were at Beckwith house from 2 to 4.  After that we went to the first Saturday night of the gathering of the cars at Francelli's cafe in the Royal Oak mall.  There was a live band, hamburgers, hot dogs and lots of old cars.  Most of the cars were 50's and hot rods.  Some nice stuff!

I managed to pick up another book by Bernard Cornwell  and had to stay up until 3:30  reading last nite; despite being tired  from too much sun and exercise.  Was a good day, though.

Today I spent the afternoon weeding and pruning in the Japanese/ water / moss garden.  Then watering a bit at the back.  I found that Shauna had left a block of cement under the cedar hedge on her side.  It is exactly what I needed to put under my Japanese lantern to raise it up a bit. This block even has 4 little feet which now sit in the pea gravel of my dry stream.   This block looks exactly like it was made for this application.  Thank you Shauna.  I don't think she will miss it.    It is all looking good.   Except the vegetable garden.  Too many tree roots and not enough sun. 


Tammy said...

Greetings from Florida! The photos of the waterfalls are lovely. What a very cool car! Did you rebuild it or acquire it as is? My brothers, who are big car buffs, would just drool. They rebuild Model-A and Model-Ts and hot rods. I have irises but they are white with slight pink and yellow in the center. They spread on their own and seem to need wet feet. I have them planted near the black elephant ears. We are very dry right now and they are suffering a bit. I wish they were a better cutting flower. The snail photo from Friday's post is great.
Your garden is so beautiful and inspirational! so nice that you share it with us.

Maggie said...

Thanks Tammy
I wonder if your irises might be water irises. Although my water irises are in pots that sit in the pond or water tub, with always wet feet. Most of my irises spread fairly well too. The tall bearded irises, I believe, do not like wet feet. Wonderful plants, whatever kind they are.
The car is my husband's thing, of course. This seems to be a guy thing. When he brought it home it had most of its parts and was suppose to be a newly restored engine. A friend, James went over it all again and did a few repairs where needed. He also painted and did the upholstery. Yes, its a treasure. After the tlc and many fixes it now runs beautifully. Of course it gets swarmed when parked, and I do my best to disappear.