Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some photos from our day trip to Port Refrew

Some photos from our Port Refrew trip, including Skutz Falls, which should really be called Skutz rapids. 
I was out in the garden for 4 hours today.  I got quite a lot of things done.  I finished filling the pots I want to have on the deck.  I have transplanted the 3 willows I got at the Alpine plant sale.   I have the Boydi put into a small pot that sits in the copper pot with no hole in it.  I will be able to keep water at the feet of this little willow.  I lost the one I had last summer when we had a heat wave while we were away.  Another one that has lovely little pussy willows, and I am told I can pin the little branches around and they won't mind. So, I have this one trained to fall over a nice green rock that I have.  The other one, that doesn't have a name, is in a deep black pot.  I believe this one can get out of hand if not watched.  So, it is in this pot on the deck for now.  I shall endeavor to keep it watered at all times.   I did some pottering about the vegetable garden area.  I moved the 3 black pots to a position where I removed cement blocks for the water meter maid's convenience in reading the meter.  They are now along in front of the tall bearded iris.  I have two of these iris with buds, so far.  The lilac is going to be blooming soon.  The clematis is climbing up its screen.  I weeded this iris bed strip and the herbs spot, and dug out most of the weeds, while leaving the flowers that have self seeded.  The strawberries are in bloom, and the rhubarb is slowly growing.  I moved the pots out from under the deck and put them beside the garbage can I use for the weed bin on the garden.  I have 2 bags of compost left now and the bags of pea gravel, 4, I think.  I clipped the cedars back a bit off the path, and trimmed the sage back a bit off the path, too.  I spent some time clipping back Virginia creeper that goes up the telephone pole at the front.  I now have a bunch of these stems heaped up and waiting until I can put them in the big green bin.  Should rain tonight, so I won't bother watering in the new transplants or the newly filled pots.  I should get some annuals for the two big pots.  I have room for 2 little alpines with the willow that has the green rock in front of it.  I need a few more fish, again.  I haven't seen the frog for a few days.  My Saskatoon berry trees are full of blooms.  I have not seen too many bees, so it is doubtful that I will be getting any fruit this year. 
When I looked at my last post to my blog, I saw a kitty coleman tag added to my blog.  I wonder how that happened?  Has someone hacked into my blog?  Very weird.  Some people seem to have a lot of time on their hands to cause annoyances.  How stupid is that?

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