Saturday, May 07, 2011

African Violets

This is a RAW conversion of a quick shot I took of some of the African Violets in my light garden.  This was to test the upload from my camera to the computer by directly connecting camera to computer.  This is necessary because the little drive on my tower cannot handle cards with a large amount of data.  So, that works, and was not the problem, with the computer it seems.
I spent some time getting acquainted with the settings for my screen and find I need to be at the highest recommended resolution setting.  I am baffled by the thing making me choose a landscape or a portrait setting.  I wonder why I cannot just view every photo as it has been taken, without this distortion.  I am using my old screen and not the new wide screen.  I updated Windows and all seems to be ok so far.  EXCEPT, now my speakers do not play.  They are plugged in, so far as I can determine.  Its not a media player problem, as the program runs but there is no audio.  I tried to plug my earphones into the front of the tower and the plug in is rejected.  If I force the plug to stay in I can hear the music.  So Trevor will have to come back and listen to the music!!  I am finally learning how to get the resolution, size of print and icons to a good size.  Windows 7 is fine... I don't see where the big learning curve is to use this OS.  There are so many things I want to spend time with on it now.
We had quite a lot of rain last night.  Looks like an inch in the rain gauge.  I had the outdoor lights on and the indoor ones off after dark and was looking out the front window at the garden.  It was really lovely, with the sparkling raindrops and shadows.  I did not attempt a photo, the window had rain drops on it. 
The sky seems to be clear at the moment, so the garden is calling me. 

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