Thursday, May 26, 2011

May hedging

This is a view from our driveway along the path that goes across the top of the garden.  The hedge on the right side is made from the boxwood clippings and is slowly filling out.  The top left is a low cedar that covers the bottom part of the big pink tree peony  The vase has arabis in it.
This is a shot of the lovely hebe in full bloom and the hedge is now trimmed.  This hebe is currently the star of the front garden.
This is the honeysuckle pilea along Parmar's side, with the new cedar hedge behind it.  These cedars are going to be good screening from all the cars in the driveways, all the blank lawn area and the butchered trees across the street.
Shooting from the thyme circle upwards to the top of the front garden through the alliums to the hebe.  The thyme circle is in bloom, but there are no bees.  I need to do more weeding in this area.
The magnolia and the big tree peony are in bloom at about the same time this year.  They are nearly the same color and sit across the grass path next to the entry way.  They are putting on a fine show now.
The peony, closer.

I spent about 10 hours clipping the hedges.  It actually goes quite fast with my little battery powered hedge trimmer.  After doing the top hedge and the side I mowed the grass, front and back.  The crocuses leaves were beginning to brown, so I took them down also.  I dumped these hedge clippings and lawn clippings on the back woodland path.   There are no pictures of the honeysuckle hedge that runs along the street side of the large cedar hedge.  This honeysuckle is really ratty looking.  I really should dig it out and replace it with boxwood clippings.  Maybe this Fall, if I have time.  In front of the ratty little hedge, the daisies are coming into bloom for their show time.  I also clipped some of the big cedar hedge and took a couple of wheel barrow loads of the cedar duff and clippings to the woodland garden path.
It was rainy yesterday, and I had laundry to do.  In the afternoon I went over to Royal Oak mall, and picked up a few books, other stuff, and of course, two more six packs of annuals.  All of this exercise over the past couple of weeks, as well as a few late nights spent on Megashot had played me out entirely.  Last night I slept from 8:00 pm to 9:00 this morning.  I tweaked photos, and transplanted the little annuals today... nothing too strenuous. 

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