Friday, May 27, 2011

May, the tulip month

More of the tulips.  Last Autumn, along wtih the black tulips, I planted about 40 more.  Most of them along the driveway strip.  The ones I like the best are the lily flowering tulips.  They have the pointy petals.  The pink tulips along the old sidewalk by the garage look quite nice too.  All of the tulips are tall this year.  I fed them bone meal and compost. A little attention goes a long way. 
The oriental poppies are in bud as are the tall bearded irises, and the perennial geraniums along the driveway strip.  The geraniums look good all year, but the others are going into dormancy by August.  I need a few more plants along the driveway to have more of a show for autumn.  There are some michaelmas daisies migrated there, and there is some low growing phlox.  Perhaps a day lily or three.  I can get them from Mrs. pee's side of my garden.  She won't miss them.  But, I am thinking I want the Stella d'or one that has a very long bloom period.  I also want some that are not that bright orange.  The orange looks good with the bishops weed on Mrs. Pee's side, but I do not want that bishop's weed anywhere else.
Today, we went to Mary's Blue Moon cafe for lunch.  We shared a lobster sandwich and each had a cup of soup.  Most delicious seafood chowder.  After that Pat caught up on some of his reading while I had a quick look around Brentwood nursery.  I came away with $50 worth of new plants.  I have 2 gentians that I want to put in the front garden by the smoke bush.  I have 2 primulas to add to my primula collection.  The p. vivali needs special attention, 2 more perennial geraniums... a Johnson's Blue and the lovely smaller pink one, a butterfly bush.. needs to be in a pot for this year, until I get the woodland cleaned up, another thrift, and an alpine aster in dark blue.  Also got a six pack of marigolds, a butternut squash plant a two tomatoes, another little blue daisy thing.  After we got home I helped Pat measure up the Model T for its new cover.  I also got some more of the woodland path chopped down and it is beginning to look like a path again.  I sure hope none of these clippings grow.  I will have to cover them with old carpet or something to kill them!   All in all, a very good day.

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