Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Limoges little boxes

On our way down south last winter we stopped at the Puyallup, Wa., swap meet.  I collect little boxes as keepsakes of places I visit. While dashing around the swap meet, this little box just about jumped off the table into my pocket.  On closer examination it said Limoges in the tiniest print on the top and larger on the bottom.  At $4.00, I had to have it.  Today, I finally took the time to research these little Limoges boxes.  Most of them I looked at had the hinges on them and so I thought that mine was just a very nice copy.  More searching on the internet shows me the manufacturer's name on the back.  It is Fontanille and Marraud piece, probably from the 1930s.   
My little box has the stamp on the left.  It is made in Limoges, France.  I have seen pictures of other hinged boxes using this same design of the dancing couple.  Its very intricate and a lovely thing.  I now have a new craze for collecting Limoges.   There are very many of these  boxes that were used for snuff boxes, gift boxes, pill boxes, patch boxes, perfume boxes, etc.   It is quite interesting.  Probably the most famous Limoges would be the Faberge eggs done for the Tzar (Pat says for the omelette) to give to his mistress.

When I get more time I shall do up better pictures of this little treasure box.


KenA said...

I like the little box; my g-aunt had some of them, but she died in the 70's and I have no idea what became of them.

Maggie said...

From my research it seems that in the '70s these little boxes were made in the US, and were probably not licensed manufacturers of the Limoges product. Since you g-aunt died in the '70s she may have had the real thing. Its too bad they have disappeared.