Thursday, May 26, 2011

May in the Garden

This is a look at the little rockery at the front in full bloom.  I see the little weedy flowers growing in the gravel.  I shall need to kill them with that weed be gone.  They are very difficult to control by hand weeding.
A lovely bright magenta azalea just under the window of the suite at the back. 
this is the rhodos and the little azalea.  Those terrorist tree killers really don't deserve to have this for a view along their sidewalk.
The apple tree had quite a few blossoms this year.  I did not see many bees around though.
The lilac is in full bloom.  I cut some of the blooms off Mrs. Pees side and have them in the house in a huge boquet.  They are nicely fragrant outside and in.
It was raining the other day, so I managed to get a shot of the Peony tree in the rain.  This plant is right by the edge of the deck at the front entry.  It is gorgeous and fragrant.  The flowers rise up out of a low cedar.
This is a perennial bachelor button that self seeds around.  I have some in the front and a big patch in the back near the water tub.  They are a lovely royal blue color and look good in a big clump.
This is the water tub in the back woodland.  These bachelor buttons are now in full bloom. The water iris has buds.  The honesty is coming into bloom and the blue bells are finishing up.  I have this area weeded just about up to the tub.  That is, the irises are weeded, and there are a couple now showing buds.  They are getting more sun since old weird sheila removed her ugly board fence.  I must feed them compost, too.
Over the last week, I have cleaned up the Virginia creeper and the st. john's worte.  I had all the clippings piled up along the woodland path.  I now have some of this stuff put into the big green bin.  I hope I can get most of the rest of it chopped down to little twigs to cover the wood land path.  It takes time to chop it up, and is not my favourite thing to do.    The path will be better for it, once I get it finished though. 
This is the solomons seal that is at the front.  There is also one under the deck.  It is a very good shade plant.  It is mixed up with too many other plants at the front.  I need to make it a stand alone plant and have the clematis, for one plant, taken away from it. 


Anonymous said...

You have spent your time well, my friend. The garden is lovely.

Maggie said...

I must find the time to read your writing. Its on Brass Tacks, I think.