Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Under Construction pages for "Travel"

This is from our coach tour trip of Scotland and Ireland in 2004. Just another tourist snap. Love bagpipe music! I should find a good clip and attach it to this page... hmmmmmm. No wonder it takes me forever to get anything done in my web site.

This is a seaweed from Botanical Beach just outside of Port Renfrew. I could not find any exotic sea creatures to photo when we were last there. Port Renfrew was the first place we ever camped in our camper van. We had a spot right on the beach, a billion stars, and we had the place to ourselves. Heaven!! So this place holds a special place in my heart, but not in my photo albums, yet!

For anyone who has not read this before -- I am creating 'under contruction' pages for all of the unfinished albums on my web page. I have finished 18 under gardening and have completed 6 of the 18 from Travel. Photography will be a LOT of them, and so will My Town. So, I have barely started this latest pursuit in my chaotic on line life.

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