Monday, November 27, 2006

Gardening Under Construction pages

This finishes the under construction pages of the Gardening page of my web site. There were 18 of them on the gardening page. I also have 18 to do for the Travel page, next.


Tina T-P said...

Hi - happened on your blog & love your photos - your garden is beautiful - are the orchids from your place too?

We're in Bellingham WA & are sharing your snow woes - the company where I work was closed for the day - but I had brought home work for the weekend that wasn't finished, so I had plenty to do - lucky me!

Hope you'll visit my blog - it's about our little farm, food and cats mostly - and my husband's beautiful garden, too.

Stay warm & safe! Tina T-P

Maggie said...

Hi Tina

Thanks for the comment. Hope you did not work too hard. You are close to us! But the snow only stays for a short time, so enjoy!

I am on my way to see your blog, if I can find it.

Yes the orchids are in my light garden.

Wingnut said...

Great shots, can't wait for the travel too! I am in love with your mushroom shot, it's very striking! I have several orchids here, not being cared for as well since my daughter was born, but they hang in there. I think I have one very similar to this!

Montereyjohn said...

Killer shots, Maggie. Very nice.

Maggie said...

Thanks Wingnut (terrible name for a lovely lady). The mushrooms were in a friend's garden. She uses a lot of BS on her garden and I guess mushrooms like to grow in that. :)

There is quite a bit of photoshop work done to the background and changing the color .jpeg into a black and white, but, yeah, I really like the results too.

The baby comes before the plants. Orchids are surprisingly tough,too. This one is called 'Andean Fire'.

Thanks John.

Wingnut said...

funny, "wingnut" comes from a nick name my husband gave me. He's from South Africa, and for him, it means "spontaneous, a little crazy" a "wingnut" which would describe me completely!

Hope that helps put a better picture in your mind ...and yes that pun was intended :) !