Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ogden Point, Gardening, Megashot.net


On Sunday we walked from Ogden point, Pier A and B along the waterfront up to the pond and back.  In all about 2 miles.  The photo of the boat is a rusting old hulk called the Ocean Lady.  It arrived in our waters with a few Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka.  I believe we have them all in Canada now.  I have not followed the story.
The next photo is the painted side of a pier that goes out quite a long way into the ocean.  There were scuba divers, an ocean otter, a helicopter landing,  a guitar player, and many more things happening along our walk.  I was using an ND filter on my camera and it worked well to get the water and sky colors. There were some great clouds and bits of sun.

The last photo is the greeting photo on The Honest Fox community, along with part of the front page of Megashot.net.   We are just in the process of moving the site to the new servers. It is soooo exciting.  Hopefully, we will be able to invite people soon.  But it is still in Beta.    It is the best place to spend time.  No eyeball searing white glare.  Unless, of course, you want that, then you may customize it on your page.  :-)

Yesterday I got some work done on a photo album for my old web page.  As soon as I am finished the album I will link it here.  It is garden paths and art.  I seem to be getting quite a few hits on my garden path posts on this blog, so I hope it might be of interest.  I make my photo albums with adobe photoshop and have many fiddly changes to make the album appear the way I want it to look.  If ever I get the gardening page albums done, I want to do an annual album of the garden for each year.  Things change over time... new beds, new plants, etc.

Today I spent about 3 hours in the garden and have the sore muscles to prove it.  I got quite a bit of spring cleaning done.  I raked the leaves off the back grass.  I put down grass seed on all the back and front grass paths.  Then I put down top dressing of compost on all the grass areas.  I used up 5 bags of compost and a bit of sand.   I clipped back the jackamani clematis, the simplicity rose, the minature rose at the back, and the Iceberg rose by the front door.   This does not take long to do, when I have the garden cleaning kept up to date.  Some of the perennials were cleaned up and a couple of the heathers, also.   I should get an overview photo of the front before the leaves fill out and the 'bones' of the garden disappear. 


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