Thursday, February 04, 2010

Rabbits in the Garden, favicons

 Yesterday, I saw one of these rabbits in my garden, chowing down on one of my little shrubs.  I was amused by this rabbit hanging out with the cement rabbit.  Today, there were 2 rabbits!  OMG  they are multiplying!

I made another foccaccia bread today.  It was a tossup as to who got to the rosemary first... the rabbit or me.  Seriously, I don't know what I am going to do about this.  These cute rodents can be quite destructive in a garden.   I might need to get a trap, and see that they go to a happy home somewhere where the eagles roam.  People are so irresponsible with their pets!!  I would hate to have to throw the cement rabbit at them.

Yesterday I decided to make a favicon (the name supplied by Cyrus)  Its the tiny picture of a website that appears in your URL window or location bar.    So, I googled how to make this... followed instructions... and finally got one added to my old web site.  See the side panel for a link.  I now have the free program for changing bmp to ico files.  That program does some other interesting things, too.  So, I am happy to have it, rather than just another photoshop plugin.   oh man, I need several lives to do the things I want to do.  But check out my new favicon!        This little favicon works on all the pages!  Fun!   Otherwise, I am still working on getting the Garden Paths and Garden Art album finished.  Its coming along.  Further to that, I have made a button for my page which you can see in the side panel, also.  

Besides the rabbits in the garden I have hellebores, yellow and light blue crocus, snowdrops, jasmine in bloom.   Photos to follow.


KenA said...

Trapping the bunnies may be a good idea, especially if there are any foxes or coyotes in you area. Any way you go may be a catch-22.

We have crocus coming through the ground, but they have placed themselves on hold for the time being.

Maggie said...

They seem to have caught their pets and taken them home. So, problem solved, thank heavens.

Come onnnnnnn Tennessee Springtime!

Clara M. said...

I had this same problem with my garden. Instead of traps, I use Havahart’s DeFence. It really does the trick. And it’s inexpensive. I picked up mine for $12 at the local lawn and garden center.

Here's the spray I'm talking about: