Tuesday, February 09, 2010


A photo from a few days ago, with good bright light.  The ruins of Victoria.  

The reflections were amusing, despite the dull gray sky, today.

I took this and when I got home I found that it fit perfectly into Lotus' Flickr group for the Challenge of this week - transportation in Victoria.

I found this view and a few others on Hearld Street.  I won't be putting them all on my blog, though.  They, might, someday find their way into my old web page, under my town.  I have a few sets on Flickr with this page in mind.  This could be views from Hearld street.  
I went downtown with Pat this morning and wandered around a couple of blocks taking photos while he was at his meeting.  We then went to the Travel Doctors at Gateway Village to see what immunizations we might need for our trip.  We each got to shots, and other advice about what kind of medications to get for any potential problems.  Tomorrow we go see Dr. Donna and see if these medications are in line with her advice about what I might need to take as percautions for altitude sickness or anything else.  We went for lunch at the Lemon Grass cafe and had Vietnamese soups.  Just ok.  

Its been rainy and coolish so I have been on my computer quite a bit lately.  I am slowly getting the Garden Paths and Art album finished.  This is for the Gardening page of my old web site.  

I noticed that the buttons I  created for my web page, my blog, my you tube and my megashot do not all work with Chrome browser.  I have no idea why and spent far too much time trying to figure it out yesterday.  

megashot.net is getting more stable on the new servers and Cyrus is getting more stuff finished...  Come have a look around... be prepared to spend some time at it, as it is a huge portal.

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