Friday, February 12, 2010

Front Garden over view

This is an over view of the front "inner" garden bones.  I am shooting through the living room window and so have some glare.  In the summer when the leaves are out on the liquid amber tree I see nothing but lucious green leaves.  The design of the garden appears roughly heart shaped.  If I go downstairs and look out the front window I get a view of the roses and plants.  In the summer the tree lends shade and makes the house much cooler.  In the winter we have the sun.  

I will be finished the Garden Paths and Art album on my page soon and will be linking this photo as I did not include it in the album. 

Yesterday we went out to Sidney to get our tickets for our next trip.  We had lunch at the Fish on Fifth street cafe.  Funky little place and good seafood.  We went to see Maria after lunch and got the tickets.  This is going to be a marvelous trip to the Galapagos and to Machu Pichu.  We have a booklet to read that has information about all aspects of the trip.  We have our travel shots and medications arranged for, except for a trip to the Royal Jubilee for me, for a phobotomy.  Dr. C., says I should have my blood in the best condition we can manage for the trip. 

They are getting more things finished on the new site.  Its looking really good..  Come have a look around.. its a huge, fun site.


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