Sunday, February 07, 2010

Early Spring flowers

The rabbits were gone the day after I had been shooting them!  :-)  I had to say it!   This is a zoomed shot of one of the bunnies sitting under the cedar tree.

One of the yellow croci with the background burned a bit.

close up of the red hellebore.  The flowers seldom show their tops but are always bowed down.

The white hellebore, close up.  The white ones show up far better than the red ones.
Today is a grey day..  I have not been walking or gardening for a couple of days. 

We were out to lunch at the Sour Pickle Cafe.  Cute little place with daily homemade soup.  Was delicious.  So now we have another place on our list of good lunch spots. the new site is looking terrific.  Our photos really look good there.


KenA said...

Thanks for the beauties from your garden, and I'm glad the bunny situation worked out well ... did you fricassee them? ;-)))

Maggie said...


sympathy flowers said...

How lovely, thanks for sharing.

sympathy flowers