Sunday, December 20, 2009

The trip of the horrible weather of 2009

These photos are primarily of the Melger Bridge that spans the Columbia River between Washington and Astoria, Oregon. We had some fierce weather on this 5 day trip. We drove down from Port Angeles to Astoria. We drove through a blizzard, torrential rain, fog, sleet. I was having fits. We get to Astoria in the dark. Dan fixes our pump in the camper van. It needed to be primed. It seems you need to take it apart to do this. We had dinner earlier at a seafood place. .. a few other unmentionable adventures on this day.
The next day, after a big breakfast, we stop at the Maritime Museum. Nice photo stop, but the weather is dismal. We all get jackets from the gift shop as they are having a sale. Now we look like quadruplets. We carry on to Camp 18.. a fantastic log restuarant with old logging machinery, carvings, and all kinds of unusual things to see. I have the best beef stew I have ever had at this place. After lunch we follow a narrow, winding, scenic road to Tillamook We visit the cheese factory. We find a campground, and go to dinner in their airstream, as they have to bring the dog along or it might disturb the campground.
Next day is Tillamook to Lincoln City, after seeing the Tillamook air museum. We try to see Munson falls but the road is blocked by a fallen tree and the weather is rainy. We stop at the 'artichoke lady's' shop to see some different stuff from the usual tourist trap stuff. I get a cute little teddy bear. We get to Lincoln City and have a roadside viewpoint discussion. My photos did NOT turn out! We decide to go to Devil's Lake State Park to camp. We get hooked up and all manage a quiet time for about an hour before we go out to dinner. Very windy. I have crab in avocado that is delicious, at Moe's. Pat helps them get their water heater running. Nice campsite.
Next day we head for McMinville in torrential rains. We see the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen museum. Again, my photos are not good at all. After lunch at the museum we head up the I5 to and through Portland. We arrive at Lacey, and after a big disappointment about allowing friends into the Airstream campground, we get set up there. The place is practically empty. To dinner at a Ruby Tuesdays and then back to sleep early as we are going to have an early start to get home the next day to catch our ferry at 2:00.
Up at 7:00 and on the road, with a later breakfast. To Cyrs and pick up Pat's car parts and to the ferry with time to spare. Finally home. What a trip!!


KenA said...

Actually a fun story of the trip and good photos. The one with the dog and ship is seriously cool.

You and Pat have a great Christmas, Maggie.

Maggie said...


Surprisingly, its the only photo I have of their dog, from this trip.

You and yours have a wonderful Christmas too.