Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo of a photo

This is a photo of a photograph at the Tillamook air museum. This is the construction of one of the hanger to house the dirigibles used in World War II. I took this photo of a photo that hangs in the museum, when we were on our trip to the Grand Canyon in 2006.


KenA said...

Very darned good; just as if you made the original.

Maggie said...

:-} Its a steal of a deal. This time through the Air museum I bought 2 black and white posters, to be framed some day. I could add this one to the mix, maybe.

I was using my old Canon Powershot A50, and shooting in RAW. So, its a pain to get all the photos from that trip tweaked and into jpeg so I can see them. That little p and s has a terrific sharp lens.