Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mount Baker, Cormorants and more Jellyfish

Another photo of the jelly fish

Cormorants and the marina

Cormorants and Mount Baker

It was a bright sunny day about 3 pm when I was shooting these photos of Mount Baker from the Pier behind the Ocean aquarium at Sidney, yesterday. I did not get a good close up of the birds.

It did not get above freezing today. The hole in the ice of the tub on the deck that I made yesterday is of course frozen over. That ice appears to be about 4 - 5 inches thick. The waterfall on the pond has formed a sheet of ice in front of the waterfall and the water is running behind this 'window' of ice. About half of the pond is open because of the constantly running water. It is not too slippery out, as we are not getting rain or snow with this cold weather. Count your blessings! Some people are still having power outages... not sure why, as the winds are no longer blowing great gusts.

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