Friday, December 04, 2009

The fantastic air plant

The whole plant

Stamens macro

Stamen macro close crop

Stamens, stigma and the stem holding the stigma and stamens on gold

Stigma on dark

Stigma macro

The stems or flower
This is a bromeliad, genus Tallandsia. This is the second time it has bloomed for me. I am shooting it mostly with the macro and super macro setting on my Canon S3 IS. The last photos are the first taken. As I progressed the plant would lose pollin and the photos get progressively more messy. At one point I had pollin all over the lens. That was yesterday.

Today, I spent most of the day hangin' out with Pat. Good mullagatawny and nan bread for lunch. An unforgetable experience at the 'no hands' car wash. I should have had the movie mode on for the wax phase. As you can see, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

Last evening we enjoyed dinner with Marlene and Art... thanks so much. Was good to see you and catch up on everything.

On the new site we can make our own slide show, now, and embed it into other sites. I will wait a day or two before I add it on my blog. There are probably a few more bugs for them to fix before it is ready. I understand we will have the ability to add music, also. This is so fun!

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